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Hair Comes the Bride('s accessory solution)

NOTE: All photos courtesy of Hair Comes The Bride.

When it comes to wedding planning, convenience is a top priority. The process takes so much heavy lifting – finding the right venue, right dress, right photographer – that the details tend to slip through the cracks.

As a stylist that works with brides on the reg, I’m all about making hair trials as pain-free as possible. That’s why I recently decided to partner with Hair Comes The Bride – a company that helps ME make YOUR life easier!

Hair Comes The Bride is a one-stop shop for every formal hair accessory imaginable. From clips to combs, headbands to hair vines, this California-based company has something for every bride.

Real talk: As a woman who only recently set off on her own business endeavor, I’m usually skittish about affiliating with another company. But Hair Comes The Bride was a no-brainer. Let me tell you why:


I was shocked by the quality of the hair pieces I received the first time I used Hair Comes The Bride. Shopping online for important products makes me nervous: What if I receive an ugly, jacked-up version of what was advertised? What if it’s smaller than described? What if the product doesn’t hold up?

Thankfully, quality is NOT a concern in this online shopping experience. These hair pieces are beautiful, as-described, and will hold up to the end of your reception – and probably long after that.

So simple! So chic!


Shopping for the perfect accessory to match an outfit is a headache. Pair that task with the word “bridal,” and suddenly your headache has turned into a migraine.

Hair Comes The Bride makes browsing hair pieces easy. Their website is well-organized, allowing you to pin down exactly the type of look you have in mind. Their search feature even lets you browse items that pair well with your dress color, i.e.: “Flowers that go with an ivory dress”!

Each item has multiple photos, both of the product itself and the product used in a formal hairstyle, to give you a good idea of what the item might look like in your own hair. BTW – those photos have some seriously awesome hairspo!


So you jump on, start browsing, and you really like this one… and that one… and maybe THIS one, too...

But they’re all at some facility in California – far out of your reach.

Solution: Get them all.

No, not like that – I wouldn’t let you put ALL of those in your hair.

Behold: TRY THEN BUY. Hair Comes The Bride enables you to choose three pieces from their collection to try at home or during your hair trial. Like one? Keep it! Or, if you’d prefer a brand-new piece, send the sample back and the company will send a new piece to you.

Don’t like any of them? Not a problem; send the pieces back through their simple returns process, and you’re done. No more online shopping anxiety!

Brides are usually charged $19.99 for the Try Then Buy program, but with MY EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT, you can use the program *FOR FREE*, no strings attached!

Use the code: SueNatale at checkout to receive your free trial pieces!

(By the way, if you decide to buy a piece, you can receive 10% off your total purchase with my code!)


Hair Comes The Bride is hugely respected by popular wedding sites like WeddingWire, and has earned Bride’s Choice Awards in 2010, 2012, and 2018!

They’ve also been in business for more than 20 years, which really says something!

I’m thrilled to be an affiliate of Hair Comes The Bride, and can’t wait to see what amazing hair pieces my clients come to me with in the future!  

~ Sue Natale The Stylist

Sue Natale is a Long Island-based hairstylist and fashionista. Her work experience includes several salons on Long Island, including the world-renown Red Door Salon at the Garden City Hotel. Follow her on Instagram @suenatale_thestylist, or click here or call to book an appointment or consultation.

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