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Review: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner

NOTE: This is an unpaid, unaffiliated product review. Opinions are my own.

It seems foolish to spend money on a product that only stays in your hair for about five minutes – but the truth is, the right shampoo and conditioner can actually save you money in the long run.

Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner line has been my go-to at home and the salon for the last few years. I’m a big believer in giving clients the best – that’s why I invest in keeping it on the shelf at all times! It’s a versatile product that works well on plenty of hair types, and when and used regularly, can make dry, difficult hair much easier to manage.

WHO IT’S FOR Pureology has plenty of lines for different hair types (including blondes, those who want volume, and very damaged hair, to name a few) but this product is beneficial to medium to thick hair, dry hair, and color-treated hair. It works wonders on my locks, which are thick, curly, keratin-treated, and going through constant color processes. My curly-haired friends will like this product for its sulfate free formula (more about that below.) For those who don’t want to sacrifice volume for hydration, there’s a special Pureology Hydrate Sheer line made just for you!


IT’S SULFATE FREE, AND LATHERY TOO: This is a phrase that’s being thrown around more often than ever in the beauty product world. What exactly does “sulfate free” mean, and why does it even matter?

Sulfates are added to many cleaning products (including the ones in your kitchen cabinet) to make them lather. We tend to associate lathering with cleanliness – if a product doesn’t lather, is it even really there?

While we rely on lathering (and thus, sulfates) to make us feel like our hair is clean, the downside is that sulfates turn curly hair into a frizz ball and attack color-treated hair as well as other chemical treatments such as keratin. Overall, sulfates suck out the life of your strands, leading to a dry, damaged, and faded look.

The sulfate free formula of Pureology Hydrate avoids those damaging effects, but still lathers significantly more than other sulfate free products – alleviating the stress of those who just can’t shake the lather dependency. I’ve noticed regular use extends the life of clients' color (which could be partly due to its AntiFade Complex) while keeping hair healthy and hydrated. On my own hair, it helped me maintain even a difficult-to-preserve fiery orange color AND extends the longevity of my keratin treatments. Talk about a win-win!

In sum, this sulfate free line preserves what you’ve already paid for.

IT’S VEGAN: Some of my clients have a hard time finding beauty products that adhere to their morals. Rest-assured, this line is all-vegan and includes plenty of great natural ingredients like rose, sandalwood, and green tea. Oh yeah – and its aromatherapy blend smells amazing.

IT’S CONCENTRATED: This perk helps battle the price tag. You need a small amount of shampoo and conditioner to use this product correctly. In fact, using too much might land you with greasy-feeling hair. Using just a nickel or quarter-sized amount (depending on hair thickness) will give you the body and shine you’re looking for. Don’t forget to rinse well!

(PRO TIP: If you feel the shampoo is not lathering enough, don’t add more product! Add more water, and scrub again. This will reactivate the shampoo you’ve already applied.)


IT’S NOT CHEAP: This isn’t your typical drug store grab. Sulfate free and professional products are generally more costly, and that’s because they work.

A bottle of each product will run you about $17, depending on the line. (I stock some of the lines at my salon)

But when you weigh the cost of the product against the cost of paying for more costly processes at the salon more frequently (color treatments, keratin, etc) you’ll save money in the long run. And thanks to its high concentration, you won’t be running to the store as frequently to purchase more, either.

RESULTS AREN’T INSTANT: Like many other aspects of life, good things take time. If you don’t feel hair-flippy good after the first use, don’t fret. Give it a couple washes to let the product erase damage caused by other products. You should see significant results in two to three weeks.

IT’S LATHERS – BUT NOT AS MUCH: Those who aren’t used to a sulfate free product will still feel this line is less-than satisfying when it comes to a lather. Rest-assured, it’s still cleaning your hair, and lathers more than its counterparts. Give it time.


Compared to other high-end products, Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner has my heart. I’ll be using it in the salon and at home in the foreseeable future.

~Sue Natale The Stylist

Sue Natale is a Long Island-based hairstylist and fashionista. Her work experience includes several salons on Long Island, including the world-renown Red Door Salon at the Garden City Hotel. Today, she works as a freelance hairstylist affiliated with Metamorphosis New York. Follow her on Instagram @suenatale_thestylist, or click here to book an appointment or consultation.

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